Meet Ali, Chief Motivational Officer

My career journey began after graduating from the University of Colorado in Boulder, where I obtained a BA in Psychology. Much like many new professionals, I had no clue what I wanted to do or where to look for jobs. I knew if I wanted to pursue a career in psychology, then I would need to get a master’s degree, and that was the last thing on my mind after spending four years in school! I just wanted to gain some work experience, so I contacted a local staffing firm and landed a temporary position working in the HR department of a mortgage company. The assignment was only supposed to last six weeks, but that turned into two years! During this position, I learned about the different facets of HR, including recruiting. I was fortunate to have a fantastic manager who mentored me and taught me how to recruit.

I continued recruiting for the next 13 years, sourcing and interviewing candidates from executive to entry-level for organizations across all industries. I worked for incredible companies, was consistently promoted, and was making good money. However, I was feeling so unhappy and lifeless. I felt stuck and couldn’t figure out why or how to change. I decided to focus on the parts of my job that I loved, which were coaching candidates on interviewing, rewriting their resumes, and guiding them throughout the entire recruiting process. I discovered an unmet need for career coaching and knew this was the next step in my career.

As I was doing some major soul searching regarding my career path, I also realized I was missing spirituality in my life. I always felt spiritual and creative as a younger person but seemed to lose that connection as I focused on climbing my way up the corporate ladder and keeping up with the Joneses. The question I constantly pondered was, ‘What is my purpose here on this earth?’ I connected the dots and realized that having a career that aligned with my soul purpose would provide the meaning and fulfillment I was missing and craving.

I was on a mission to figure out my purpose, so I started meditating and taking classes at the local metaphysical stores, which led me to Reiki healing. I signed up for a Reiki session and was amazed at how much just one 2-hour session cleared out old emotional baggage I had been carrying around since childhood. I felt so much lighter, calmer, and had an overall sense of wellbeing. I felt a calling to become a Reiki practitioner myself so that I could help heal others of physical and emotional pain and help them experience the freedom and peace I did after receiving the spiritually guided life force energy.

I received my Reiki I & II certifications and soon thereafter became a Reiki Master/Teacher, which has been one of the most beautiful and incredible gifts I have ever been given. After becoming certified, I began administering Reiki to myself and was finally able to heal and overcome years of deep, painful wounds caused by traumatic experiences in my past. Through my own healing experiences and healing others, I finally knew in my heart that my purpose here on earth is to be a healer.

One of the main reasons why people have a difficult time finding a job is because they have unresolved issues around self-esteem or limiting beliefs that stem from childhood. Once a person processes and clears out those old, negative thought patterns that no longer serve them, they are then able to discover their unique purpose, create the career path that aligns with their purpose, and confidently pursue and achieve that dream.

My goal with Career Catcher is to reach people at the beginning of their professional lives and provide them with the healing and guidance they need to start their careers off on the right foot and quickly achieve the blissful, joyful, and meaningful life they were meant to live. Your wings already exist, all you have to do is fly! I look forward to leading you on your journey toward career enlightenment!

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