I have been in the recruiting profession for the past 13 years in both corporate and agency environments. Through my extensive recruiting experience, I have gained an understanding of the ever-changing and competitive landscape that job seekers face today. Employers receive hundreds of applications for each job opening, thus it is critical candidates stand out in the crowd. However, job searching can be such a daunting and frustrating experience. 

Over the years, I have been continuously asked by candidates, friends, and family how to effectively find a new job or make a complete career change. So many people are feeling stuck in their careers and are ready to try something new and different. However, they are not sure what they want to do or how to begin the process. I was one of those people myself.  

I enjoyed many aspects of recruiting, but I was not feeling fulfilled. I kept hopping from one job to the next thinking ‘if I change companies, then I will be happier’. However, I continued feeling unsatisfied and restless. I realized it was not the company that was the problem, it was the job. I wanted to find a career where I could utilize my years of experience but in a different way that was more conducive to my strengths and personality type. I realized the aspects of recruiting I enjoyed the most were helping my candidates through the interview process by revising resumes, prepping them for interviews, and providing positive feedback and encouragement. I discovered there was an unmet need for career coaching services, thus I pursued my Master’s degree in Professional Development to further my skills in human behavior and development, counseling, and organizational effectiveness.  

While in graduate school, I coached several clients and instantly knew this was the career path I was seeking. For me, career coaching is not just a job – it is a calling. I truly believe helping people navigate the career transition process is my purpose on this earth, and I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences to help you find your calling!

I currently live in Dallas, TX with my husband, two kitties, and puppy. Outside of work, I am passionate about family, travel, music, health & fitness, and essential oils.