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Ali Stewart, Soul Career Coach for Early Career Professionals

Hello! Welcome to Career Catcher, an intuitive Career Coaching service dedicated to helping early career professionals find their spark and fulfill their life purpose through customized career guidance and soul healing.

Many young professionals today graduate from high school and college feeling lost, anxious, and lacking direction. They want to find a career that not only satisfies their basic needs but ignites that fire from within and feeds their soul. They want to know on a deep level that what they contribute has a profound impact on this world and their fellow humankind.

At Career Catcher, we take a holistic approach to career coaching by addressing the entire person – mind, body, and spirit. In addition to helping you discover your unique talents and gifts, we focus on healing any mental, emotional, and spiritual obstacles, clearing the path for you to manifest your dreams and create the perfect career aligned with your true, divine self.

After completing our program, you will:

  • Feel uplifted and enlightened with a clear mind & open heart

  • Identify a career path that inspires, motivates, and excites you

  • Understand your strengths and special qualities that make up your unique personal brand

  • Effectively communicate your personal brand verbally in interviews & networking opportunities as well as through your written marketing documents

  • Possess the courage & confidence to follow your bliss and turn your career dreams into a reality

Career Catcher is located in the Denver, Colorado metro area but serves clients all across the country. 

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