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Reflections of 2018

As you enjoy the holiday cheer this month, take some time to reflect on 2018. What were your successes and missteps you can learn from to shape a rockin’ 2019? If you felt like you floated through 2018 without any purpose or meaning, maybe it’s time to rediscover yourself and “make your own kind of music.”

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Keeping it Real - Remembering Authenticity to Break Through Career Ruts

This week’s blog is a follow-up to Dr. Trevicia Williams’ Strong Lives Series Podcast where, in the spirit of vulnerability, we discuss how important authenticity is in breaking career ruts.

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Never Leave Another Man Behind

Today we celebrate and honor our brave and courageous military heroes. Let’s take a lesson from them in strength, courage, bravery, teamwork, and supporting each other through thick and thin. It’s ok to seek help if you’re feeling lost in your career or life in general. You’re not alone! As my Pops, an Officer in the US Army who led his troops to battle in the Vietnam War, always said, “Never leave another man behind.”

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