Career Catcher in the press!


Business Talk Radio Interview

Ali Stewart discusses Reiki energy healing, how it relates to career, and why she felt called to merge the two to create the Soul Career Catcher Program.

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Career Catcher & the Soul Career Catcher Program

Strong Lives Podcast with Dr. Trevicia Williams: Overcome Career Ruts, Featuring Ali Stewart

From despair and depression in a dead-end career to a fulfilling profession helping others out of career ruts, she found the strength to pick herself up, discover who she is and do the work that she was divinely purposed to do. Inspired by her experiences, today, she's a career coach and entrepreneur. My special guest, Ali Stewart, is an inspiration.

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Overcoming Career Ruts

Interview Tips - Discover Student Loans

Ali Stewart provides advice for recent college graduates about to embark on their first job interviews in the article, “7 Tips for Acing an Interview”, featured on

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Interview Tips