How Does Career Catcher Differ From Other Career Coaching Programs?  

We designed a program to ensure you not only achieve your career goals, but that those goals are aligned with your soul purpose, because when your work is meaningful and impactful, then everything else falls into place and you live the authentic, balanced, and fulfilled life you were meant to live here on this earth. As a young professional just starting out and trying to find your way in the world, having that extra guidance and direction can help you make the right decisions early on and choose the career path that nurtures your beautiful and creative spirit.  

Overcoming Obstacles & Limiting Beliefs 

We begin the program with Reiki energy healing to clear out emotional, mental, and spiritual blockages that could be preventing you from having the courage to seek out a new career or feeling confident in an interview or believing in your highest potential. Reiki is a Japanese relaxation and stress relief technique that works on a deep level to heal old wounds by balancing the chakra energy centers in our bodies, freeing us of any burdens subconsciously weighing us down. As a result, you feel spiritually connected to your higher self, mentally clear to envision your ideal career path, and emotionally uplifted and confident to believe in your abilities and reach for the stars.

Catching Your Dream Career

We continue the journey toward career enlightenment through weekly one-on-one sessions dedicated to discovering your value and what makes you unique and guiding you on how to effectively define and seek your dream career in today’s competitive and technology-driven environment. We focus on creating visually-appealing personal brand documents that allow your unique strengths, skills, and star qualities to shine through to employers and recruiters.


The program includes all of the following, completely customized for you:

  • Reiki energy healing sessions

  • Assessments (Personality, Values, Strengths, Interests)

  • Goals Development

  • Personal Branding

  • Resume

  • Cover Letter

  • LinkedIn Profile Development & Keyword Optimization

  • Job Search Action Plan

  • Networking Guidance

  • LinkedIn Training

  • Interview Prep/Mock Interviewing

  • Salary Negotiation Strategies 

Average Length of Program: ~8 weeks

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